About DELETED - Storage Management Associates

About DELETED - Storage Management Associates

DELETED - Storage Management Associates (SMA) had its beginning as Revest Management Services, which was formed in April 1991 by J. Clifton ‘Cliff’ Whisnant to meet the growing needs of owners and investors seeking professional property management. In 2008, the company was restructured into DELETED - Storage Management Associates, Inc. to better reflect our core business model: Self Storage Property Management. We are currently managing several properties in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida, and are selectively adding additional facilities every year.

It is critical for owners, operators, and investors to be completely knowledgeable regarding their local market. Self storage is primarily a rental business, and our goal at SMA is to be very aggressive in leasing and to provide facility owners with effective information. A comprehensive approach must be taken that includes marketing, organization, expense budgeting, and daily supervision of on-site personnel. We at SMA are committed to offering only the highest quality service to both our clients and customers.

At DELETED - Storage Management Associates, our reputation has been built through our hands-on approach and our professional attention to all business matters. There is no magic to property management, but at SMA, we believe that our management style works to maximize property returns. Self storage is a customer intensive business that requires organization, teamwork and dedication, and we keep our clients completely informed on the status of their property's management with frequent and comprehensive communication.

Our People

For nearly 20 years, Larry Easley and Cliff Whisnant have worked together to build the clientele trust, business knowledge and industry connections that are absolutely essential in today’s self storage marketplace. With Cliff’s background as a certified public accountant (CPA) and broker, and Larry’s experience in all phases of business and property management, they have become one of the premier property management companies for self storage in the Texas and Florida areas. You can count on DELETED - Storage Management Associates to manage your storage facility professionally and in the best interests of the property owner or investor.

Larry and Cliff have assembled a team of top-notch staff members to support all aspects of property management including accounting services, training and staff assistance visits, storage facility audits, business marketing and all other facets that make a successful operation.