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DELETED - Storage Management Associates Storage Offerings

Boat Storage

The following steps can be taken to protect your boat while in storage. Additionally, specific procedures recommended by the boat manufacturer should be closely considered.

  • Prepare your engine in accordance with the owner's manual. In winter, this will normally include draining and flushing the cooling system; draining and refilling the crankcase; applying oil to inside of each cylinder through the spark plug holes; and other preservative actions.
  • Thoroughly clean the hull, decks, cockpit, bilge, all compartments, lockers and the exterior of engine, and coat with an appropriate wax or preservative.
  • Drain fuel lines, pumps, carburetor and tanks or fill completely, and add fuel stabilizer.
  • Leave all floorboards up, doors ajar, ports and skylights open, hatches partly open, drawers and lockers open.
  • Carefully fit a well-made cover, provided with ventilation ports. If boat is to be stored outdoors, make sure there are no low spots in the cover that will hold rainwater.
  • Place a cover over engine. Do not leave the engine exposed to the sun or rain.
  • Don't forget the trailer. Check tire pressure, and cover tires, if they will be exposed to the sun. Check and pack wheel hubs, if necessary, and lubricate jack.
  • Finally, note dates of registration, tags, certificates and insurance, etc., and plan for renewal, if they expire during your storage term.

Commercial/Business Storage

DELETED - Storage Management Associates is proud to offer commercial storage for local businesses or individuals that would like to store important documents.

  • Modern storage spaces that are climate controlled and pest free
  • Top of the line security system and professional staff
  • Fire resistant commercial storage units

Every DELETED - Storage Management Associates location has business storage units in a variety of sizes available at several different price points. Our state-of-the-art units have options such as climate control, pest control services, and a comprehensive security system. Our commercial storage facility allows our clients greater personal control over their documents and business files at an affordable price. Inventory storage is a huge responsibility that is better left to professionals; DELETED - Storage Management Associates has taken special care to ensure our business storage facility is one of the best in the area.

Modern conveniences such as automatic payments, online bill pay, and specialized leasing options ensure that our professional customers interested in business records storage get the care they need. We also provide storage space for general business inventory such as cars, boats, filing cabinets, office supplies, and office furniture. Please contact us to learn more about a commercial leasing program near you. Clients that also have household storage needs should read our personal storage page to learn about other programs we have available.

Personal Storage

One of the most popular uses for a storage unit is what we in the storage industry refer to as personal storage or household storage. Personal storage is the act of storing items in your home that are valuable but may be taking up too much space. At DELETED - Storage Management Associates Self Storage, we believe that renting one of our clean, secure, and affordable storage units can help reduce the clutter in your home, and give you the extra space you need.

  • Climate controlled storage units are available in most locations for delicate art, sensitive furniture, or important documents
  • A professional team to help you decide what items to pack and how to pack them to maximize space
  • Modern conveniences such as automatic payments, online bill pay, and flexible leasing options

Many of our clients rent storage units so that they can safely protect their valuable belongings without sacrificing square footage in their homes. DELETED - Storage Management Associates storage units provide a practical solution that can fit a variety of different needs. Families with young children can safely store fine art or family heirlooms that are in danger of being damaged. Customers that are downsizing can keep furniture that they may want to sell in the future, and business professionals can store important paperwork in a safe, secure place. Seasonal items such as holiday decorations, winter clothing, and yard supplies are also great candidates for one of our storage spaces.

With units available at a variety of sizes and price points, our friendly customer service team is sure to find a unit that fits your needs; please contact us to tour our facilities today.

Military Storage

At DELETED - Storage Management Associates we understand that military members and their families have very specific storage needs, and in order to accommodate our service men and women, we offer a wide range of storage options, flexible leasing terms, and superior customer support.

  • Modern storage spaces with state-of-the-art security systems
  • Convenient services such as online bill pay, free truck rentals, and climate controlled storage units
  • Ask our professional management team about a storage military discount

Each of our locations can accommodate a variety of items including hard-to-store possessions such as boats, cars, and important documents. A variety of storage unit sizes are available so that customers do not overpay for their storage space. Our professional staff can assist you in selecting the storage unit with the features that best fit your needs. Each of our stores has move in materials on hand, so that all the necessary moving supplies are at your fingertips (boxes, tap, bubble wrap, locks, etc.).

Once our customers are moved in, modern conveniences such as online bill pay and automatic payments make paying for your storage unit easy to do, regardless of your location. Do not forget to contact your military financial center to learn which travel and transportation stipends or reimbursement programs you quality for. As always, our knowledgeable team will be happy to help with any questions you may have.

Please contact our offices to learn more about potential military discounts, our flexible leasing agreements, and any other promotions or prepayment discounts we have available.

Student Storage

College students that want all the comforts of home, but just do not have the space in their dorm rooms are ideal candidates for DELETED - Storage Management Associates' storage units. Our easy to find locations can be used to store a variety of items including furniture, school projects, electronics, and clothing.

  • Modern storage spaces close to campus with an easy access entryway for customers
  • Conveniences such as online bill pay, automatic payments, and flexible leasing options
  • Keep school books, furniture, and electronics safe over summer break

DELETED - Storage Management Associates' storage units are perfect for college students that want to increase their living space by getting rid of the clutter. Textbooks from last semester, past projects, electronics, and important documents can be stored in a climate-controlled environment so that they do not deteriorate. Seasonal items such as clothing and holiday decorations can easily be stashed away until they are needed again. Students that move home for the summer can keep important items such as furniture and vehicles at a DELETED - Storage Management Associates location, saving them the time and expense of moving back and forth.

Once your items are properly packed away, modern conveniences such as online bill pay and automatic payments make paying for your storage unit easy to do, regardless of your location. Please contact our offices to learn about special discounts and leasing options we have available.