Student Storage

College students that want all the comforts of home, but just do not have the space in their dorm rooms are ideal candidates for Storage Management Associates' storage units. Our easy to find locations can be used to store a variety of items including furniture, school projects, electronics, and clothing.

  • Modern storage spaces close to campus with an easy access entryway for customers
  • Conveniences such as online bill pay, automatic payments, and flexible leasing options
  • Keep school books, furniture, and electronics safe over summer break

Storage Management Associates' storage units are perfect for college students that want to increase their living space by getting rid of the clutter. Textbooks from last semester, past projects, electronics, and important documents can be stored in a climate-controlled environment so that they do not deteriorate. Seasonal items such as clothing and holiday decorations can easily be stashed away until they are needed again. Students that move home for the summer can keep important items such as furniture and vehicles at a Storage Management Associates location, saving them the time and expense of moving back and forth.

Once your items are properly packed away, modern conveniences such as online bill pay and automatic payments make paying for your storage unit easy to do, regardless of your location. Please contact our offices to learn about special discounts and leasing options we have available.